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12 STORIES HIGH:  The Imaginative Trip Thru a Black Mind

A little black boy searches for his history and origin. A spiritual love triangle takes place. A black woman is trapped where she does not belong. A young African warrior journeys into Egypt for one last mission. A free black man living in the conditions of 19th century American slavery is stalked by a menacing phantom. A Moorish woman is afraid of her own beauty. A young man is granted the powers of a Genie. A man waits for a wife to return home. A Chinese Monk and a Moorish swordsmen form an alliance. Four black gunmen look for justice in the Old West. You recall an anecdote about Jesus. A young black man escapes from a secret Government prison.

Welcome to imagination beyond imagination.

12 Stories HIGH: The Imaginative Trip Thru a Black Mind

Loving. Romantic. Enlightening. Magical. Haunting. Violent. These 12 stories strike Black Literature like nothing it has ever seen before.